Dentistry @ Main is the place for families. From kids to adults to seniors, we promote oral health and hygiene by offering a variety of oral health care services. It is Family-owned and operated, we provide that small town care combined with state-of-the-art modern facility to provide comprehensive treatments for all ages. Our dental clinic offers a more relaxing, humane atmosphere, one that is propitious to anxiety relief. We understand that dental visits can be a fearful experience for some, and this is why we make every single visit as pleasing and peaceful as possible, from the moment one calls the office until the moment one leaves it.

The warm colours of our décor, the kindness of our staff, the surroundings of our waiting room, are all intended to provide our patients with an experience of relaxation and comfort. Our treatment rooms are equipped with the latest technology, such as Digital Radiography & Intra-Oral Cameras, which ensures that our services are delivered in the most efficient and safe means. Moreover, as with our other offices, all of our information and data is stored digitally as part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Each of our staff members cares about our patients and demonstrates it in every aspect of his or her profession. Whether it is our front desk officer, dentist, assistant, hygienist or office manager, every single one of them is devoted to achieving the highest level of professionalism. A great example of our commitment to the satisfaction of our patients lies in our effort to accommodate their busy schedules by reserving some time slots for everyday emergencies. We also constantly are in a position to receive new patients.

We are strategically located directly on Main Street just 1 block West of James Snow Parkway off Highway 401 in the Live-Work Units. Our dental clinic is easily accessible by car or by public transit and numerous parking spaces directly in front of our office makes it very convenient for anyone wishing to visit us at any moment of the day, whether is it during lunchtime, between two meetings, after class, etc. We trust your experience at Dentistry @ Main will be a satisfying one!