We are conveniently located in the Dreamcrest Village Plaza (which has been nominated for the "Prestigious Mississauga Urban Design Award") at the corner of Terryfox way and Dreamcrest Rd. in Mississauga, Ontario.  At Dreamcrest Dental, we are dedicated to providing you and your family with a friendly & relaxed environment while you are waiting for your appointment.

The décor is warm and inviting - not clinical.  The technology is the latest, state-of-the-art, the staff is friendly, attentive and informative. Through the use of computers, we are able to schedule your appointments, expedite dental insurance claims and make sure you are encouraged to maintain a regular routine with cleanings and check-up exams.  As a new patient, filling out a questionnaire will enable us to maintain an accurate record of your medical, dental and financial history.

During your visit to our office, our staff will advise you to have only the most necessary films taken of your teeth and related structures. All of our staff is trained and HARP certified or licensed to make sure that the most current standards and techniques are being utilized for your maximum safety and diagnostic value. 
We are proud to offer state of the art modern equipment with Digital Xrays to obtain images of your teeth. The image is displayed on the computer screen…this means no darkroom developing and no processing chemicals (so it is environment friendly). Most importantly, you are exposed to only 1/10th the amount of radiation as with conventional x-ray films! The image can even be enlarged and clarified to enhance the dentists' diagnostic ability - helping to discover problems when they are smaller.

Panoramic are taken extra orally with a highly sophisticated equipment that actually results in less exposure than the normal full mouth series of intra-oral films.  These are commonly used to check growth and tooth eruption patterns, TMJ areas, wisdom teeth, sinuses and for possible jaw fractures. The film and camera rotates around your head as it scans the selected areas.  The Digital Panaoramic image then gets projected onto our screens for discussions with the patient.
In addition, the dentists uses magnification loops designed to magnify the dentist's vision, which enables them to diagnose defects earlier before they can cause you any discomfort.  At Dreamcrest Dental, we believe in Prevention Oriented Care.


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Digital X Rays & intra oral Cameras
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